Timesheet management

Timesheets show you the bigger picture of how your team spends its time. The logged hours enable you to see what employees are working on, tweak workflows and optimize the productivity of a team when needed. Once the time is tracked, you can use the insights to make grounded decisions and maximize the profitability of your organization.

Time tracking on your desktop

At Teamtracker we believe the traditional way of time tracking is an inefficient process. Instead of a task that interferes productivity, tracking time should be easy to keep up with. We offer teams a way to easily keep track of the hours spend on work with a desktop app. It runs as software on your computer and gives your team an easy way to report their working hours on every project and for every client. By the end of the day, all information is automatically integrated into Teamleader’s CRM, making sure all timesheets are filled in.

Here’s how

Download the app for MacOS or Windows.

Use the desktop timer with its easy-going start and stop function.

Easily switch between projects and task while working.

Easily edit your timesheets within the app

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