Time registration

At Teamtracker, we believe changing the time management habits of your team starts with an effective way of time registration. Teamtracker is a Teamleader CRM integration, which enables users to easily track time on their desktop while working on a project or task at the same time.

Instead of logging into the CRM to fill in timesheets, the desktop app ensures timesheets can be kept up-to-date in an effortless way. Besides the app being effortless in use, the logged hours immediately gain project insights with all the necessary details for invoicing and reporting to clients.

Project planning

Daily timesheet management makes it easier to estimate the resources required. Use the insights to optimize the productivity of your team and the planning of future projects.

Project invoicing

Get an overview of billable and non-billable hours of your projects. Offer customers detailed information regarding their projects and the time that has been spent on several tasks.

Projects insights

Start a project, keep track of the hours spend on several tasks and manage its performances. Get meaningful project insights, discover how much time it costs to deliver your services and make sure to keep your projects profitable.

Start managing work hours

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